“The Cartoon Grows Up” – Mark Mayerson


Excellent interviews found on Mark Mayerson’s blog “Mayerson on Animation”  regarding how animation in North America is continually pigeon-holed as a medium primarily for “children’s entertainment” .

“TV Ontario recently ran two animated features, Perspepolis  and Mary & Max, on Saturday Night at the Movies on March 17.   As usual, between features, they ran interview footage relating to the films. This segment features Oscar winner Chris Landreth (Ryan), Director and animator Robin Budd (Producing Parker, Ruby Gloom) and Mark Mayerson (Director of Animation program at Sheridan College)”

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  1. Posted March 19, 2012 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

    Animation has always been only the *medium* for the stories people want to tell. Yes, animation has been perceived to only cater to younger audiences, but only because some of the most famous and well-known animated films were created by Disney, who wanted to tell stories that appealed to children. That was his choice. He also made several propaganda war shorts that were animated.

    Instead of “whining” about how animation has never really told a great story geared towards adults, just make the damn thing. Go tell your story! Use animation to tell your story. We WANT to see it! We want to get lost in your story, regardless of the medium. Just make it already!