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Journey through Creativity

From the folks at TVPaint, click here for the all the info. In 2016, TVPaint Animation celebrates its 25th anniversary ! For this special occasion, we decided to produce our first short movie, « Journey through Creativity », directed by the young artist Tevy Dubray. We now invite you inside the creation process of the movie. Come and […]

Ethel and Ernest – First Trailer

From Skwigly Online Animation Magazine. The first trailer for Ethel and Ernest, the hand drawn, feature length adaptation of the graphic novel by Raymond Briggs (The Snowman, Fungus the Bogeyman) has arrived. The film will be released in cinemas 28th October 2016. The film has been faithfully adapted by Lupus Films who previously created the sequel to The Snowman, […]

Animation Profile: Chiara Ferrari

This fifth “Animation Profile” focuses on Chiara Ferrari. Twins, Chiara and Kim, are the creators of the short, Sisters. Their film won 2nd Place for the 2D Animation Short Film Full Color category at the 2015 Spring Show. After graduation, Chiara received a job offer at DHX media in Vancouver, Canada. Why an MFA degree […]

Animation Profile- Kim Ferrari

This “Animation Profile” features Kim Ferrari. Kim and her twin, Chiara, created their film, Sisters, for their thesis project. The short won 1st Place for its background painting and layout design at the 2015 Spring Show. At the end of spring, Kim was offered a position to work on the show, The Awesomes. Why an […]

Don’t Forget About Tra-Digital Thursday Tomorrow! (11/12/15)


Want to learn more about TVPaint and the new puppet features of ToonBoom? Come and meet the trainers at TRA-DIGITAL THURSDAY on November 12! See how TVPaint and ToonBoom can compliment and work together to create “Harmony!”

Hippo Funk!

Aaron Blaise posted his Hippo Pose/Model Sheet up on Facebook back in August 2015. Yesterday, he posted up his “Hippo Funk Dance” with the description: “I’ve finally finished my dancing Hippo animation. I’ll be using this animation for two upcoming tutorials, one on animating to music and it will also be part of my upcoming […]

AAU Online grad Justin Murphy develops animated feature film , “Dawgtown”

One of my former students, Justin Murphy, continues to develop his independent animated feature film , “Dawgtown”.   The film began life as Justin’s MFA thesis project at AAU.    The film is 100% Storyboarded and an animatic has been prepared for the entire film.  Test animation has been made for certain key sequences.  The film is […]

Animation Profile: Tina Hsu

Our first “Animation Profile” features Tina Hsu. Last year, Hsu’s LADY and the frog was the 1st Place Winner for 2D Animation Short Film (Full Color) at the annual Spring Show 2014. Since the completion of her film, LADY and the frog has screened in 27 domestic and international film festivals. While Hsu currently works […]

Sergio Pablos Talks About His Stunning Hand-Drawn Project ‘Klaus’ [Exclusive]

From Cartoon Brew: Animator and director Sergio Pablos has unveiled the breathtaking teaser for his hand-drawn project Klaus: No, that’s not a typo: hand-drawn. You could be forgiven for thinking the character animation was modeled and animated with CGI software because Klaus has the polished sheen of the latest big-budget studio CGI epic. But watch […]