“Moana” Animation Tests by Randy Haycock

From Randy Haycock’s YouTube Channel:

A traditionally animated character exploration test. I was showing how Moana should play with her hair. This is very difficult to do in CG, but we wanted it to be a part of her character.

Another Moana test showing how her hair should move in the wind.

A Moana test with her again interacting with her hair.

Moana singing. It differs from regular dialog. It’s more articulated. The breathing more pronounced.

A test of Moana’s father, Tui. This is before the design was finalized and the voice is scratch (temporary). I had fun pushing the shapes. Watch it frame by frame to see how far I pushed it.

A test of Moana’s Grandma Tala. We were experimenting with her flappy “grandma arms”. Again, like all the Moana tests, the dialog is scratch.

A test of Maui from Moana. Dwayne Johnson had recorded some test dialog and I wanted to see how he sounded with Maui’s design. The design went through some refinement after this (less belly).

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Full Disney Short: L’étrange Aventure de la Famille Winter (The Strange Journey of the Winter Family)

From iamag.co

Enjoy the Full Disney Short: L’étrange Aventure de la Famille Winter. Emilie and Charles Winter are loving parents who are working hard for the happiness of their children and to provide them with essential values like learning to live together, sharing, mutual aid.

Don’t Forget: Fall Festival Submission Deadline is November 1st